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imageMonitor Lakes with Web-based Software

BioBase is powerful cloud-based software that processes and creates reports and layered maps from your sonar data. It’s easier than ever to establish a lake „baseline“ so you can monitor changes and respond with recommendations to improve water quality over time.
Affordable Hardware
Collect sonar data with the high-tech yet low cost Lowrance HDS depth finders (base models are less than $700).
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Automatic Data Processing
Our cloud-based software does all the work. Simply upload .slg and .sl2 log files from your PC and our software will automatically analyze them and provide detailed charts and layered maps.

Objective Metrics
Get real numbers about lake characteristics so you can measure changes over time. Monitor how water quality, aquatic vegetation and wildlife respond to environmental change as well as management interventions.

Anytime Online Access
Reports are available online in your private, secure account where you can view, merge and export raw data as well as detailed, layered lake maps.

Visual & Uniform Reports
With standardized formats, you can quickly analyze data and view layered maps with bathymetric, vegetation and bottom hardness metrics. Each report has its own permanent web address too so you can easily share them.

Track Changes Over Time
We store all of the data you collect and provide a single access point in a private account for lake analysis. This allows you to compare, merge and export data so you can really see how lake depths, vegetation and bottom hardness change over time.

Easy to Use
Anyone can use our mapping system. There’s no need for lengthy training or technical skill sets. BioBase is a powerful research tool and „turn-key“ monitoring solution.

Calculate Water Volume
Automatically calculate water volumes and other important lake measures of an entire body of water or a specific area you define.

Define Areas of Interest
With our polygon selection tool, you can select specific areas of the map to analyze and automatically calculate Percent Area Covered (PAC), average BioVolume, surface acreage, average and max depths, and water volumes. This feature is great for habitat assessments or National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) reporting and permitting.